Here's the very first video from one of Portland's raddest bands: the magnificent Street Nights, for whom we have no shortage of love. Fittingly, the video, directed by Jay Winebrenner and starring Cora Benesh, is as glorious as the band's sound, evoking classic MTV clips from the '80s (this best video ever comes to mind), plus fireballs and a shredtastic guitar solo. This video comes with the bittersweet news that guitarist Dan Wilson is moving to some place called New York City in a few short weeks; Street Nights' show on October 30 at Mississippi Studios will be the last with this lineup. We're hoping not the last, period.

Street Nights have recently finished recording their debut album, and frontman Jake Morris says, "The future of Street Nights is a little up in the air, Wilson is irreplaceable, but don't count us out just yet, just give us time to grieve."

Roger that. Pass the tissues.