(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Cure the weekday blues with a free show put together by the folks at OPBmusic, starring three fine Oregon bands. Battleme offer soaring, lockstep pop-rock; XDS spikes your drink with acid-dipped freakwave; and Monoplane's rusted-out jams sprawl like tangled weeds. Your Tuesday just got more rocking. NED LANNAMANN

(YU, 800 SE 10th) Electronic glitch artist Mark Fell's work is challenging, to say the least, and tonight he comes to taste-making performance space YU to perform a live interpretation of his 2010 recording Multistability. The title itself refers to "a psychological effect in which one is unable to perceive a single, stable object within complex or ambiguous patterns in visual, auditory, or olfactory perception." Basically, this means that the crushed-out tones, arrhythmic pulses, wet splashes, and harsh digital pitches will be almost defiantly unmusical—you're going to feel unsettled and perhaps a little queasy. But sometimes having your brain circuits shuffled in the name of art is an interesting way to spend a weeknight, and Fell's performance also promises a trippy light show. Leave the psychedelics at home—this sort of stuff is intended to replicate them, not augment them. NL

(Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan) Read our article on the Reel Music film festival.