Chris Uehlein of Gnar Tapes—that's White Fang bassist Unkle Funkle to you—dropped us a line about the new split tape coming out on Gnar at some point in the future. ("TBA" is the official release date.) It's split between Lamebrain and Mope Grooves, and we've got Mope Grooves' first video for you here. A quick word of warning, now. It stars main Moper, Youthbitch's Stevie Sensitive, in a whimsical high school setting, and that's all fine, but there is also Stevie's lurking, yeti-faced id, played a masturbating dude in a mask*. Presumably Yeti Funkle is also in the band, although he doesn't really play anything other than himself. Okay! You've been warned. Click play, because the song is great, a sloped-shoulder garage gem with a strummy-stringed acoustic and an uber-catchy melody. Funkle tells us the band is "an outlet for the 20-something-year-old adolescent to jam out his bummer vibes about first girlfriends, shitty jobs, hangovers, and cheap thrills. Sometimes you have to have a bad time to have a good time." Well put.

Great song, and now you want that tape. On the flip is Jon Baron's Lamebrain solo project (he's in punk practitioners Therapists), and you can hear a sweet, brothers Wilson-y tune from it here. (Another word of warning: also on that link to Bandcamp is Funkle's solo effort Picture of My Dick, and its front cover is... well, you can figure it out.)

* note the conspicuous "Funkle" tattoo on his boob