[UPDATE: This contest is closed and the winners have been notified. The correct answer was Isabelle Adjani, from the film Possession.]

This is the new video from Crystal Castles, and it uses footage from a very disturbing 1981 freakout marital horror movie which I won't name right now. (Holy mackerel, what a weird, fucked up movie that is.) "Plague" is from Crystal Castles' imaginatively titled third album, III, which comes out in the States on November 13, but you don't have to wait that long for a few ccs of CC. Because Crystal Castles are coming to Portland on Wednesday, October 24, taking over the Roseland with their otherworldly synth sounds. And we're giving away THREE pairs of tickets to the show!

So! Here's what you gotta do: Send an email to this address, and in the subject line put the name of the lead actress from the film whose footage is used in the Crystal Castles video. (A hint! I reviewed a re-release of it in the Mercury's July 19 issue.) Please include your first and last name in the email, and if you want to include a photo of the actress in your email, too, I won't mind a bit. (But you don't have to.) Winners will be chosen at random, and this contest closes Monday at noon; good luck!