In this morning of apocalyptic warnings and superstorms, here's a visual—if artificial—reminder of Earth's beauty. It's the debut video from Martin Eden, and if that name's familiar, either you're a Jack London fan or you're already a follower of the man behind the moniker. Martin Eden is the new nom de record of Portlander Matthew Cooper, AKA Eluvium, who's released a steady collection of ambient and minimal recordings. This new Martin Eden project sounds a bit less earthy, and a bit closer to Cooper's reported influences (the Field, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Kraftwerk)—muted, synthesized sounds mumble and churn along, as a hint of rhythmic ecstasy bubbles subliminally under the surface.

The video for "Verions," one of the tracks appearing on Dedicate Function (out now via Lefse Records), is given stunning visual treatment by director Peter Luckner, who uses stop-motion animation to provide visual accompaniment to the song with understated, melancholic splendor. The handy press release reveals: "The video is a multimedia collage that is a reaction to the line from the Jack London novel, Martin Eden: 'Something's wrong with your think-machine.'"