Lust! Sex! Violence! Misbehavin'! All that and more is in the new video from the No Tomorrow Boys, for the tune "Teen-Age Vice." Shot in lurid black and white, it captures the up-to-no-good vibe of classic '50s teensploitation flicks, upholding the fine Hollywood tradition of having all its teenage characters portrayed by people who are well out of their teens. It's a seamy, sleazy good time. Guitarist Matt Mayhem tells us this:

It was shot over the course of a few nights around SE PDX by our buddy Timothy Clark, who has done a few live videos for us in the past. With this video we wanted to capture the real raw, gritty delinquent vibe of the song (probably the quintessential No Tomorrow Boys song), which tells the tale of three vicious characters, while playing up the bands wild ‘n’ frantic rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. It’s stylized and a little campy, but hopefully still crude and sleazy.
The visuals and photography are perfectly spot on, and don't miss the cameos by other folks in Portland bands (I spy a Suicide Note or two). The No Tomorrow Boys are currently prepping a full-length that this track will be on, and they're playing Wednesday, November 7 at Holocene on the bill with Slim Fortune, Sun Angle, and XDS. They're also playing on Friday, November 9 at the Hawthorne Burgerville as part of a PDX Pop Now! benefit—that show also features Thanks and Fringe Class and is all ages.