Portland rockers Old Light unveiled a new track (and video) this week called "Ocean Waves," which you can hear (and see) above. It's a dark, almost nasty-sounding track that barrels forward at full throttle, featuring gnashing guitar riffs and howling bellows. Set to tape at Type Foundry Studio with Adam Selzer, it's the first studio evidence of new material since their 2010 album The Dirty Future, and it's the best signpost to date of the live power of this excellent band, which developed into a live juggernaut as they played shows to support that first album. (Here's a clip of Old Light performing "Ocean Waves" live earlier this year.) Any hints of dad-rock and autoharp from the first record are more or less gone, and although I don't know when a new record is coming out (I'm guessing Old Light aren't quite sure yet, either), I'm left desperately curious to hear more new stuff from Old Light.

That desire can be sated tomorrow night, when Old Light plays a free show at Mississippi Studios with Hungry Ghost. This video was shot and edited by Karl Koch and Old Light.