Over the holiday weekend, the Italians Do It Better team gave us another taste of the long-awaited After Dark 2 compilation album. IDIB auteur Johnny Jewel has been working on it for some time, piecing together tracks from Glass Candy, Chromatics, Desire, and more, into a seamless compilation record of new—not rehashed—material. A new Desire track turned up a few weeks ago, and now here's a new one from Chromatics.

"Candy" is slightly more slinky than the nocturnal disco on Chromatics' monumental Kill for Love album from earlier this year, a bit more upbeat but no less mysterious. There's a video from Alberto Rossini and Adam Miller above, and you can download it below by clicking the little down arrow on the righthand side.


No release date is yet set for the full After Dark 2, but the appearance of "Candy" is encouraging. (You can download the first After Dark on Jewel's Soundcloud page.)