Your morning has been too calm. Too peaceful. Too damn quiet. Luckily, Portland's Rabbits—whose every note sounds like a geological event—have made their first-ever music video. It's for "Fight Right" off their Bite Rites album that's out now on Good to Die Records, and the video's a collection of old film clips from all sorts of places, assembled by Wes Johnson. Using mostly military films intercut with live band footage, the clip doesn't quite convey the power of the band's sonic attack—Rabbits is the kind of band for which a video made mostly of war footage is still too peaceful—yet it still creates a suitable sense unease.

For the full sonic assault of the Rabbits experience, see the band tomorrow night in three dimensions, at Club 21 (2035 NE Glisan) on a bill with Monogamy Party and Fist Fite.