(Record Room, 8 NE Killingsworth) Kid Millions' ever-morphing percussive meditations in Brooklyn ambient-rock crew Oneida are put to roiling, bizarre ritual with his side project, Man Forever. Within the first five minutes of "Surface Patterns"—track one of the two-track, 40-minute-long LP, Pansophical Cataract—assessments from anyone within earshot could range from "it sounds like mutant insects taking over the planet" to "I don't understand what's happening here." Both are reasonably accurate deductions, considering the swell of repetitive drum patterns and textured tendrils of unfettered noise. Millions' experimental bents are utilized to the absolute furthest corners of contemplation, daring listeners to turn away from the hypnotic drive of multi-minute drum rolls before anything else happens. Recommended as crucial background music if you ever find yourself shirtless, traipsing in the spirit world with Jim Morrison, Terrence McKenna, and Timothy Leary. RYAN J. PRADO