2012 is almost over, but we've got lots more great musical moments for you, as remembered by musicians, bookers, writers, and more fine people from Portland's music scene. We put some in the paper this week (here), and over the past two days I've posted more of the submissions that we couldn't fit in (here and here). There's another full batch for today and we'll wrap this all up tomorrow, just in time to flip the calendar page on a brand new year.

More of the best moments in music from 2012 after the jump!

I got a press pass to Treefort Fest in Boise, Idaho. It was really cool to be a part of the first incarnation of such a diverse and exciting festival. I wasn't old enough to see Blitzen Trapper play at Neurolux, so I stood behind the venue by the stage door for the whole show. When it was all over the band came out and were all excited that I'd "made it" to the show. That was really fun—seeing a Portland band I've been following for years at this festival and having them appreciate my presence there.

—Zibby Pillote, Lewis & Clark College's The Pioneer Log)

Too many to remember! But St. Patrick's Day at Kelly's Olympian was pretty awesome, with the We Shared Milk, Talkative, and Grandparents. As well as the Federale release at the Doug Fir (November 30). Sold out! String Quartet, Man Choir, Accordion, camera crew, 32 channel multi-tracking, Point Juncture WA, and the Shivas!

—Nalin Silva (Revolver Studios, Kelly's Olympian, Mississippi Studios)

I first heard Damien Jurado's "Museum Of Flight" over the radio one night as I was driving. When the song finished I pressed the reverse playback button on my stereo to hear it again but the radio station just changed.

—Jarad Miles (Jarad Miles in Ancient Wave)

Favorite song of 2012, probably "212" by Azealia Banks (maybe came out in 2011, not sure), but ended up on most of my playlists for '12. That or Chvrches "The Mother We Share." Favorite moment is a toss up, either getting to see Pegasus Dream and Pure Bathing Culture step in and replace Youth Lagoon at the Doug Fir, and still sell the show out, or getting to hear all the new Typhoon jams at the Aladdin Theater for MusicfestNW. Both really awesome moments!

—Erik Carlson (SoHiTek Records, DoublePlusGood)

Favorite musical moment was Birger Olsen (of Denver) at his bachelor party on Timothy Lake playing amazing mandolin solos in his drunken sleep then momentarily waking up and puking directly into a bottle of Old Overholt.

—Mike Elias (Denver, Tomahawk Portland)

Best musical moment of the year for all of us was on our East Coast tour last summer with Girls of Porn (AKA Silky Boys). They blew us away every night we played with them, and especially killed it at the Detroit show. They cleared the room, but we had a blast!

—Big Black Cloud

I really have too many favorite musical moments of 2012 to share, most of them being live shows, but one favorite was spending the weekend with members of Typhoon and Phil Ek as he mixed their 7-inch at Avast Studios in Seattle. Phil has engineered, produced, and mixed some of my favorite albums and artists, and having the opportunity to work with him, and hear anecdotes along the way, was about as good as it gets.

—Ingrid Renan (Exploding Green Management)

Walking onto a plane in Brisbane, Australia, only to find out that Jack White and At the Drive-In (and their entire crews) were sharing the same flight to Tokyo. I figured, well, if this plane goes down at least we'll all be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Oh! And Bob Mould playing Copper Blue at the Wonder Ballroom was exceptional.

—Rachel Demy (assistant tour manager & merchandise for the Shins)

That day we all watched the video of Solange's "Losing You" over and over again was a brief, heady moment of sun-soaked unity smack in the middle of election season. The song itself is immediately addicting and sounds like 1985, but in the good way. The video is even better! Directed by Melina Matsoukas, it features fancy South African gentlemen striking poses while Solange dances blithely, channeling Wanda Sykes in Pootie Tang. Azealia Banks makes an appearance. Perfection!

—Rebecca Wilson (Mercury contributor)

The generator show in the abandoned strip mall; the moment that everybody started jumping on the discarded mattresses and on top of the stripped-out car while lighting off fireworks!

—The Taxpayers

Denver at Kenton Club, covering The Dukes of Hazzard theme song.

—Robbie Augspurger (Ozarks)

John Cale, Mission Theater: Watching John Cale perform his emotional and challenging history of songs (even starting the show by playing the B-side to his 1977 Animal Justice EP) was not only the highlight of the year but one of the best shows I've ever seen. His voice is still so beautifully haunting, and the smattering of new songs mixed into the set sounded great live, too. That he had the reserved but fanatical audience dancing their asses off by the end of the show was a total joy—even Cale was grinning while screaming "Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll" at us.

—Chris Slusarenko (Clinton Street Video)

1. Otis Taylor, Waterfront Blues Festival.
2. Kid Congo Powers, Slabtown Bender.
3. Jonathan Richman, playing a few songs to the frozen (but grateful!) line of 10 people stuck waiting and ticketless outside one of his recent sold-out shows at the Know.
4. Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), sitting in with the Vaselines at Bumbershoot.
5. Edna Vasquez, anywhere and anytime she played anything in Portland!

—Peter Vaughan Shaver (Sound Advice)

Attending the Beach Boys' 50th Anniversary Tour at Summerfest in Milwaukee for my father's birthday and both of us going hoarse by the end whilst directly thereafter walking to the next stage to see Chicago. Damn son.

—Krist Krueger (Self Group, Yardsss, Sndtrkr, Southerly)

My Morning Jacket at Kennedy School performing for You Who.

—Tucker Martine (Flora Recording and Playback)

Favorite Song: Mike Coykendall, "Where the Wind Don't Blow"

—Justin Ready (Pigeons)

Destroyer at the Aladdin. A crowd and stage full of nerds not dancing to disco music. Dan Bejar said "we were the music lovers" and he was right.

—Bret Vogel (Incredible Yacht Control)

Frank Ocean takes the stage at Lollapalloza after a near cataclysmal thunderstorm torrential downpour and potential tornado force, a never in the history of the festival, [forcing] 100,000 attendees into the streets of Chicago. His set was just what you wanted to hear after an ordeal like that.

—Connie Wohn, First Lady of Hustle

Favorite music moment: I have to say our NYE with Nurses and Radiation City last year. The show didn't start until late, so most of it was technically 2012. But for any band [Radiation City] to learn the entire The Love Below album—and kill it—well, that was awesome. Nurses played until curfew and Rad City played a second set due to the openers having to cancel. It was a great night. Shows like this elevate us all and help define PDX as a world-class music town.

I must declare, I also became addicted to all of the old Cookie Monster videos on Youtube in 2012. When is the last time you watched "C Is for Cookie"? It's one of the greatest recordings EVER. So this would be my second favorite music moment: the rediscovery of Cookie Monster's genius or lack thereof.

—Kevin Cradock (Mississippi Studios)

My favorite song of 2012: "White Walls" by Psychic Feline. This band had a minimalist vision that found the middle-ground of garage, punk and psych, which is ultimately the ur-Portland sound of the Wipers and Dead Moon. The "White Walls" 7-imch will be remembered as a classic in this city's musical history. RIP Psychic Feline.

—Raf Spielman (The Woolen Men)

A Place to Bury Strangers at the Doug Fir, June 10. My birthday struck at midnight and I was surrounded by white noise. It ruled.

—Scott Flaster (Seventh Rule)

Seeing good ol' Jake Morris reinvigorate the Jicks at the Crystal!

—Matt Dabrowiak (Gallons!, Dat'r, Menomena, Parenthetical Girls)

So many to chose from, but Springsteen was my favorite and most awe-inspiring show of 2012.

—Andy Holland (Mike Thrasher Presents)

Hungover, in the van on your way to your next show, you need MORNING JAMS. And nothing fits more perfectly than Steve Hauschildt's blissed out stoner synth record Tragedy and Geometry.

—Kevin O'Connor (Talkdemonic)

Watching Yours Truly film an acoustic session with Daughter. Fifteen people on an old boat, rocking softly on the Hudson River, with New York City shimmering in the background. Incredible.

—Brooke Parrott (Loch Lomond, Songkick)

Favorite Show (hands down): Pulp, April 17, Warfield, San Francisco
Runner up: Hazel, September 8, MFNW/Star Theater, Portland
Runner up: Rodriguez, October 12, Showbox, Seattle
Runner up: Big Freedia and Miracles Club, September 8, Search Party Party, MFNW
—Mike Jones, A to Z Media

My favorite song of 2012: "Pope Will Roll" by Light Asylum.


My favorite musical moment of 2012 was stumbling into PDX Pop! this year and catching Holland Andrews perform her Like a Villain set. She gave me goose bumps and performed amazingly, despite the sound of a roaring train 10 feet away.

—Charlie Salas Humara (Grapefruit, Sun Angle)

As a Canadian citizen living in the US for all of my adult life, the political climate leading prior to this year's election has always left me feeling like I would never fit in amongst my adopted homeland, but the sweeping victories that came on Election Day this year in favor of sanity, love, compassion, and human rights gave me hope. Hope that the majority of us are good people with love in the hearts who want to see our neighbors have the freedom to flourish. The following morning, I heard Sufjan Stevens' version of "The Star Spangled Banner" and it brought me to tears... I truly will never forget hearing that song for the first time and the emotions it brought to the surface.

—Nathan Walker (Riot Act Media)