Artist/musician Julianna Bright (of the Golden Bears) has a new, kid-friendly project in the works: Cat Doorman. And there is an album of children's music on the way—Cat Doorman Songbook, which is pretty adult-friendly as well. You can take a listen to it in full over on Soundcloud (or below); the CD also includes a booklet of hand-lettered lyrics and art from Bright.

Kids today can't possibly be fully occupied by sitting still and listening to a record album, though, which is why there's an iPad app as well. The Little Red Wagon app, from Night & Day studios, is "an interactive app for children based around Bright’s version of the classic tune and made from hundreds of her hand-painted illustrations." In my day, we used to just draw on the album jackets. This is a much better solution. The album and app are celebrated by a matinee release show at Mississippi Studios on Saturday, January 26 at 3 pm. This is of course an all-ages show in every sense of the word.

For the live incarnation of Cat Doorman, Bright has assembled a very impressive team of Portland musicians: Seth Lorinczi (also of the Golden Bears, and the Corin Tucker Band) Chris Funk (the Decemberists, Black Prairie), John Moen (the Decemberists), Garth Klippert (Old Light), Jody Bleyle (Team Dresch), and Kate O’Brien-Clarke (Calico Rose). Take a listen to Cat Doorman Songbook below, which includes a cover of Syd Barrett's "Effervescing Elephant" among Bright's compositions.