Before going to any festival, I like to make a mix to listen to nonstop for a couple days to get in the zone. I imagine it’s something like this for professional athletes right before a big sports-ball match, as well. Big Ass Boombox is the first big PDX music event of the year, and if you missed its debut last year, get ready to show-hop. This festival is the perfect opportunity to finally get to see all those mid-level local bands (and a couple NW neighbors) you’ve been meaning to check out—the great thing is, even if you end up catching a set that’s not quite up your alley, you have a high chance of wandering a block or so to another stage and finding something that suits you, all in the time it takes a band to tune a guitar.

I’ve made a super unofficial Big Ass Boombox mix, featuring the bands I’m looking forward to seeing this year (with the bands' permission!), so make yourself a protein shake, peruse my mix, and start training for a weekend of marathon show-going.

Visit the Big Ass Boombox site for more information on venues, the 40 bands, and the many authors participating. Tracklist (and set times) after the jump!


Genders – "Golden State"
10:15 Saturday, Someday Lounge

Eidolons – "Xylem and Phloem"
10:30 Saturday, Backspace

Fanno Creek – "Don’t Go Away"
11:45 Friday, Someday Lounge

Pheasant – "The Gun and The Moon"
11:30 Friday, Kelly’s Olympian

Animal Eyes – "Grizzly Bear"
11:15 Friday, Backspace

Kithkin – "Ampersand"
9:00 Friday, Backspace

Tiger House – "Visuals"
10:15 Friday, Someday Lounge

Father Figure – "Murder"
11:30 Saturday, Kelly’s Olympian

Souvenir Driver – "No I Wouldn’t F*ck You Over"
10:00 Saturday, Kelly’s Olympian

Thanks – "Hollow"
9:30 Friday, Someday Lounge

Charts – "Lola"
12:15 Saturday, Kelly’s Olympian

A Happy Death – "Nazi Zombies"
11:00 Saturday, Someday Lounge