(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) This is the second date on a monthlong, acoustic-only US tour that perfectly pairs doom-crooners Chelsea Wolfe of Los Angeles and Seattle's King Dude. Anyone who's ever loved the gorgeous angst of early PJ Harvey and/or currently swoons to icy-cold epics by the Knife or Zola Jesus will instantly fall in love with Wolfe's dark heartbreakers from her new album, Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs. King Dude will go on to tour Europe afterward, promoting his new album, Burning Daylight. Both are going to burn brighter than ever in 2013, so catch them in the excellent intimacy of the Doug Fir while you still can. KELLY O

(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Tetherball is the latest from local trio TxE, a five-song EP that once again finds Tope and Epp rapping over production crafted by G_Force. Thematically, the project is an ode to golden-era hiphop, featuring nods to A Tribe Called Quest's "Check the Rhime" as well as a prominent Biggie Smalls sample on the title track. Mic Capes recently released his excellent solo debut, Rise and Grind, and will be performing selections from it with the assistance of fellow Resistance member Glenn Waco. Chicago resident/North Portland native Vinnie Dewayne rounds out the bill, providing an excellent way to start the new year, rocking with the very highest quality of what Portland hiphop has to offer. RYAN FEIGH

(Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie) Loudon Wainwright III is a maker of folksy music, rich with humor and finely crafted songs. He's had a prolific career, and whether the witty musical legend is spouting sadly tinged songs from behind his guitar or popping forth talented musicians from his loins, he's a tour de force of thoughtful and self-deprecating charm. COURTNEY FERGUSON

(Laughing Horse Books, 12 NE 10th) It's been over half a decade since screamo briefly entered and exited the mainstream consciousness, but that doesn't mean nobody cares anymore. On the contrary: Among a peculiar breed of hipster, for lack of a less vulgar word—the kind clad in earth tones, whose coolness is relative to the obscurity of his favorite hardcore record—screamo and all its relatives and outgrowths have endured marvelously and have even become a sort of generational secret handshake. So it's no surprise that Italian screamo lodestar Raein's appearance in Portland is generating a degree of rabidity typically reserved only for a hypothetical 'N Sync reunion. Granted, this is a pretty big deal—Raein verges on "fucking legendary" status and they're playing a donation-based, all-ages show at a bookstore. While undoubtedly satisfying fans of their older material, the group's latest offering, Sulla Linea d'Orizzonte Tra Questa Mia Vita e Quella di Tutti, unexpectedly flirts with a variety of other styles (dream pop, Sonic Youth worship). All in all, you gotta go. MORGAN TROPER