Have you got your tickets to the Malt Ball yet? Well, here is your handy reminder: Get your tickets to the Malt Ball!

It all goes down on Saturday, February 2 at the Wonder Ballroom, and the bands we've got this year are really great: Radiation City. Caleb Klauder Country Band. And And And. Old Light. Sons of Huns. Gaytheist. Hausu. Street Nights. Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Marty Marquis. Street Nights. Divers. Minden.

I firmly believe these are 12 of the best bands in Portland, and to have them all in one place is pretty goddamn exciting. Oh, and there will be a ton of beer, too! This year, a whopping 28 breweries are participating (check out the full list), and there will be unique, one-of-a-kind beers that you won't be able to find anywhere else. A dozen of the brewers have paired up with a particular band on the bill, to create a special beer specifically for that band, and for the Malt Ball.

Here's why you should get your advance tickets now, though: Only advance tickets comes with tasting tokens. If you buy your ticket at the door, you'll have to purchase the tasting tokens separately (this thing may sell out, too). The advance tickets are a pretty great deal: $15 for either the first or second showcase, your choice—six bands each, plus a Malt Ball mug and four tasting tokens. Or you can pay $25 for both sessions (all 12 bands!) and get eight tokens. That's a bargain—a damn sight cheaper than a lot of beer fests, and very high bang-for-your-buck in terms of music.

We try to keep the sales-pitchy stuff off the blog for the most part, but this is going to be a LOT of fun. It's beer and music, and you like both of those things. Buy your tickets! And I'll see you at the Malt Ball.

Okay, one last time: Tickets!