• Thomas Oliver

We got all in a tizzy about news of the upcoming Thermals album a couple months back, and now here are some more concrete details.

The new album—which, as you'll recall with your freakishly precise memory—was recorded last year in Hoboken, New Jersey, with producer John Agnello, and the final mix was finished just before Sandy hit the East Coast. We now know that the album is titled Desperate Ground, and it'll be out on April 16 on esteemed Omaha label Saddle Creek. The striking album cover and the tracklisting appear after the jump. But first, some PR speak about the new album, which sounds cheery:

Desperate Ground is a true scrappy and scratchy return-to-form for the Thermals, with all the raw power and unhinged adolescent energy that made their early LPs so insanely enjoyable. Lyrically, Desperate Ground is a brash and irresponsible ode to human violence, a black celebration of the inevitability of war and death. A dark and yet joyous affair, Desperate Ground tells the (murky) tale of a lone rogue in the night. One man, one path, one sword. An unceasing urge to destroy. A never-ending battle against the forces of nature. A destiny impossible to avoid.
Up next: Thermals-themed LARPing?

This news accompanies the announcement that Sub Pop is reissuing the first three Thermals albums on vinyl (2003's More Parts Per Million, 2004's Fuckin' A, and 2006's The Body, The Blood, The Machine). Those come out March 5, exactly 10 years to the date after More Parts Per Million's original release. On the live front, the Thermals are playing SXSW and have a few other tour dates lined up, but no hometown show just yet. No new songs to post yet either, but hopefully we'll get to hear a track soon. Click through for the album art and song titles.


The Thermals - Desperate Ground
1. Born To Kill
2. You Will Be Free
3. The Sunset
4. I Go Alone
5. The Sword By My Side
6. You Will Find Me
7. Faces Stay With Me
8. The Howl Of The Winds
9. Where I Stand
10. Our Love Survives