(Roseland, 8 NW 6th) So! Ben Folds Five are coming to town, and opening for them is one-half of Pomplamoose. [Pause.] Okay, I had to take a minute to go get in a real-life argument with someone close to me about the perils of being yourself vs. the perils of trying to play along with the Kool Kids Music Klub. It was decided that I should say the following sentence, even if it makes people think I'm a doofus: I totally don't hate Pomplamoose. I thought those videos were funny, Nataly Dawn's voice is fine, and haters can go drink Haterade or whatever. Ben Folds is a crazy genius and one time someone played me a BF song on their grandma's piano and it made me laugh-cry. The Five haven't put out an album since 19-fucking-99. I think this show will be nice.
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(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Rose Melberg elicits a lot of squeals from ladies of a certain age (and all the dudes I knew in college). She is an enchantress of hushed and dulcet tones, the cutie queen of such '90s seminal wuss-rock bands as Gaze, Tiger Trap, and (deep and contented sigh) the Softies. Maybe you caught music zine chickfactor's 20th anniversary show at Bunk Bar last May? If so, you saw Melberg and Jen Sbragia of the Softies in full and epic shred... but seriously, they were as sweet and sad and lovely as they were two decades ago. Tonight's another great opportunity to catch some intimate and tender music from the storied musician who probably inspired headliner Seapony. I hear a lot of similar soft-somethings in the Seattle band's expansive, fuzzy, feminine wiles. In summation, prepare to rock out—slowly, and with a demure smile on your face. COURTNEY FERGUSON Also see My, What a Busy Week!