The new single from Aan is out—they're playing the release show tonight at Mississippi Studios!—and here's the awesome new video to go with it. What makes it so awesome? I mean, apart from a little cameo by the Portland Mercury, that is.

Our hero spends his time dodging the Grim Reaper, who's after him for obvious reasons. I mean, look at all the crazy, death-defying stuff this guy does: skateboarding, dodging in front of trains, stealing motorcycles, jumping off cliffs, reading the Portland Mercury...

Then they share a slice of pizza and hit a strip club, and all is well. At least, for now.

Aan's new 7-inch, "Mystery Life" is available from Cool Summer Records. You can also stream and buy on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Your best option, however, is picking up the new 7-inch at the record release show tonight at Mississippi Studios.