This year's Bender has been announced, and there are some big changes to the three-day punk-rock binge. For starters, for the first time ever, the Bender will not be taking place at Slabtown this year, instead finding its new home at the Star Theater. It's taking place April 12-14, and they've already got a bevy of rockin' bands, with more to come:

Cheater Slicks, Black Bananas, The Cynics, Monoshock, White Mystery, M.O.T.O, Head, The Mallard, Warm Soda, James Arthur’s Manhunt, King Louie & and the Missing Monuments, Rhett & Dean, Glitz, Big Eyes, Life Stinks, MUSK, The Fireballs of Freedom, Sex Crime, Pity Fucks, Youthbitch, The Pynnacles, The Bloodtypes, Therapists, Wimps, The Suicide Notes, The Unnatural Helpers, Bad Tats, Big Eyes, Guantanamo Baywatch, Pataha Hiss, Moyster, Thee Headliners, Paradise, Flash Flood & The Dikes.
That's already an excellent lineup, and the Star Theater boasts that awesome outdoor patio, which is going to host some of the music as well.

In the past, the Bender has hosted a Sunday matinee show, which won't be the case this year. However, there will be a "Wristband Party" for those who have bought weekend wristbands. Bender organizers Sam Soule and Brinda Coleman have this to say: "The party is going to be totally feted-out will be free food and drink AND a whole assortment of amazingly killer special performances that Bender fans are just not going to want to miss. We can tell you that Cheater Slicks will jam live with some of this city’s finest noise-makers; Tim Kerr will lead a horn-heavy soul jazz session; and King Louie is busting out his banjo."

More info as it arises, including when and where to get your Bender wristbands, over on the Bender site. This is going to be a Bender to remember. Wear a smock.