We're proud to premiere the new video from Portland singer/songwriter Adam Brock, who not only played and sang all the music you're hearing, but hand-drew this entire video himself. "Young Love" is, to my ears, a perfect Valentine's Day love song, celebrating all the great things about young love while dissecting the things that are kinda fucked up about it. It's about a 50/50 blend, right? Brock's marker drawings may seem for the first split-second like cutesy affectations, but there's a darkness to his images that, while not exactly paralleling the lyrics, augment it in a wry and intelligent fashion.

Brock tells us that he made the video from 609 still photos, using more than two full boxes of Crayola markers (and countless pots of coffee) to do all the drawings:

I honestly have no idea how long it took... I just opened up a new pack of markers, put my song on repeat and tried to come up with something that captured the mood of the music. For this video I taped a piece of paper to the wall, set up a camera, doodled a little, took a photo, doodled some more, and so on. I wanted to emphasize the pulse of the song, so I took a picture for every eighth-note. It's very time consuming work, but I think creating a visual representation of a song helps the listener/watcher (and me) understand what I'm trying to express. It definitely impacts my music writing, too. Sometimes thinking about how I'd illustrate a video helps me figure out transitions, and the overall shape of a song. That could just be the marker fumes speaking though.
Adam Brock is a relatively new face on the Portland music scene (I posted one of his other videos on Video Vriday), but he's got a terrific three-track EP, Poplar Trees, over on Bandcamp—you can download it for free if you want. I can't find a single weak instant on Poplar Trees; Brock is definitely a talented songwriter to watch. Here's his website as well.

Adam Brock performs tonight at the Jade Lounge, 2342 SE Ankeny (7 pm, FREE) as part of his monthly shows at that venue. He also performs a Valentine's show tomorrow night, Thursday, February 14, at Shaker and Vine (2929 SE Powell) with Too Long Sparks and Laugh at Linus. That show is at 8 pm and is $3.