We did this before! We're doing it again! Portland videos from Portland bands for Portland people.

To begin with a bang, here's a new song and video from Wild Ones. Yes, new Wild Ones! (Yes!!) If the fact that there's a new Wild Ones song weren't exciting enough on its own, the video for "Golden Twin" is completely fantastic. Directed by Calvin Waterman and shot by Wild Ones' Clayton Knapp, it's sorta a cross between a James Bond credit sequence and the cover of Hot Rocks, and manages to find the inherent sexiness in both chainsaw art and Jurassic Park videocassettes. Yes! This is a great tune from Wild Ones, a mere taster for their new album Keep It Safe, which hopefully will come out in the late spring or early summer.

Yay, new Wild Ones! Let this be your very favorite thing today.

Lots more after the jump, including videos from Gossip, Pure Bathing Culture, Butt 2 Butt, Catherine Feeny, the Ecstatics, and A Killing Dove.

• • •

Gossip also have a new video, for "Get a Job" from their recent album A Joyful Noise. In the band's words, the song is "about all the rich kids we knew when we were younger, kids who never had jobs but always had money for partying or getting their hair done. We would come home from our fast food jobs in greasy clothes and they would have spent all their parents’ money on handbags and vodka.” The band also rattles off all the day jobs they had to work in their lives:
NATHAN: Mcdonalds, Burger King, Phone Psychic, Telemarketer, Custodian at the Evergreen State College, Mail order at K Records and at Kill Rock Stars, I'm a farmer now and there's no money in it.
HANNAH: Paper boy, Dishwasher at a German retirement home, Condom store employee, Dildo salesperson (this is real and was actually different than the condom store).
BETH: Bud’s Discount Warehouse, Wal Mart, Puff’s $12 Zoo, Sonic Burgers, Western Sizzlin’, A&W Hot Dogs, King’s Den Hair Dressers, Metro Clothing, Mrs. Powell’s Cinnamon Rolls, Tee’s Me, Subway, Coffee People, Black Cat Coffeehouse, Sharif’s Coffee, Torrid, I ran a hair salon out of my house, I can’t even remember all the jobs! Nathan called me the professional job destroyer.
• • •

Pure Bathing Culture was recently filmed in Seattle by Yours Truly; it's a point-blank video of the group performing "Ivory Coast" shot in tight close-ups, which is ideally appropriate for the intimacy of their music. While they played around town constantly last year, Pure Bathing Culture has been on the road elsewhere and don't have a Portland show coming up until May 25, when they open for Father John Misty—AKA Josh Tillman, who's PBC bassist Zach Tillman's brother—at the Wonder.
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Here's one that's rough around the edges but I like all the same. It's the horribly named Portland band Butt 2 Butt, who I had never heard of until they sent me a link to their new record yesterday. Terrible name, really great band. This video was shot under a rain canopy at noon on a Sunday afternoon. You should listen to the group's really good new record; it's called My Bed, My Bitch and is proof that the band is no better at naming albums than themselves. It's over on Bandcamp and can be downloaded for free, and I'm serious, it is good. Butt 2 Butt (god, that name) play February 24 at Mississippi Pizza and March 7 at the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge.
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I guess I am posting this a day late: Here is Catherine Feeny's video for "One Billion Rising," a song made for the One Billion Rising movement that culminated yesterday on Valentine's Day, to raise awareness that one in three women on the globe are victims of violence. Feeny wrote the song at the request of One Billion Rising founder Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) after the two met at an Occupy Wall Street protest. The song also includes musicians Nate Crockett (Horsefeathers), Daniel Dixon (Greylag), and Sam Adams (Sama Dams), and the video was directed by Liz Vice with effects by Jacob Shroades.

• • •

This isn't a brand new video, but it's a really catchy, likable song from Portland band the Ecstatics, who are "two dorky guys rocking out air-guitar style to the Wombats and Two Door Door Cinema Club in a Portland, OR basement," according to their Soundcloud page. There's also a new song, "Singapore," up on that page, and supposedly an EP coming next month; the Ecstatics open for Gold Fields at the Crystal Ballroom on February 25, and for And And And at Holocene on March 20.
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Lastly, here's a video from A Killing Dove, a band not from Portland, but Vancouver, Washington. It's the title track for their forthcoming album Break the Formulaic, and here's some info provided about the making of the video:
"Break The Formulaic “ was shot in one day in the basement of the infamous Dove Manor in Vancouver WA. It was filmed on a budget that allowed for large quantities black plastic, masking tape, used televisions and some very creative and well planned shots. The piece features the title song from their second CD release “Break the Formulaic”.