Robin Bacior moved to Portland not long ago. The California native arrived here after living in New York, and she has a new EP of material that came out earlier this month. I Left You, Still in Love is a dazzingly good collection from the songwriter, with Bacior trading off on guitar and piano with subtle backing from Dan Bindschedler on cello and Josh Besserman on drums. Her folk songs seem like they inhabit a variety of rooms, from warm, close quarters to airier passages with crisp, sometimes harsh light. All five tunes are striking, although the most immediately grabby moments are the strumming shuffle of EP opener "Box-a-Bed" and the stacked, rising melody and gorgeous interchange between Bacior's piano and Bindschedler's cello on "Shapes on Seasons."

I Left You, Still in Love is a free download on Bandcamp right now, and is a great introduction to a worthwhile new songwriter in town. Bacior says that she left New York and sold all her furniture in order to make this EP happen, which seems like a raw deal for her, but a great deal for us. At any rate, Portland is her home now, which is terrific news. Bacior is currently wrapping up a West Coast tour, but she returns to home this Sunday, February 24 to perform at the Waypost (3120 N Williams) on a bill with LEO and Donovan Edwards. That show is at 8 pm, and will be eons better than watchng Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars.