(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) Although he sounds like a fluttering army of angels, Kishi Bashi is merely one man with a violin. His magnificent 151a was one of the best albums of 2012, and he's able to transform those gorgeous symphonies into one of the best one-man live shows in the world. This show has already sold way out, so find that one friend of yours who always has extra tickets. NED LANNAMANN

(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) I don't think I'm the only one who finds it hard to take seriously the entitlement and relationship gymnastics of the people we've started calling millennials (see: Girls). The exception for me is if these protoadults manage to set their (not so very) deep thoughts to music so transcendentally lovely that I have no choice but to feel moved. Case in point: Night Beds. Their first full-length, Country Sleep, came out a few weeks ago, and it is breathtaking. Frontman Winston Yellen sounds much like another astonishingly precocious songwriter, Robin Pecknold, but his music and words are affecting in a completely different way. Co-headlining are Indians, the project and now band of SØren LØkke Juul, a Danish man with a voice a lot like Justin Vernon's. But on his album, Somewhere Else, he's shown himself to be more eccentric and experimental than Bon Iver—which means a lot more interesting. REBECCA WILSON

(Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) My memories of Molly Hatchet have zero to do with their music and everything to do with those Frank Frazetta-inked album covers, depicting muscular sword-wielding warriors perched atop armored stallions. They looked bitchin' on both vinyl jackets and jean jackets. I have to admit when I finally heard the band's best-known cut, "Flirtin' with Disaster," it was kind of a letdown. To use an analogy that captures the spirit of the band's music: The carpet didn't match the drapes. Molly Hatchet's classic-rock Southern-boogie is boozy fun, though, if mostly forgettable and forever yellowed by cigarette smoke. I'm sure whichever lineup Molly Hatchet rolls out tonight will capture that in spades. MARK LORE