Last June, Mike Midlo brought a group of musician friends out to the woods to record some songs. I don't know where they went, exactly, but the idea was to get out of town, camp, and record some tracks completely live—thanks to, in part, a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. The result wasn't a Pancake Breakfast record (that's Midlo's other band), but a new project called MidLo. Today the 8-song recording comes out on cassette and digital download—here's the Bandcamp link (where you can also listen to the whole thing).

Take a listen and look to the opening track, the moody "Moonlight." The group includes John Whaley, Tyler Tornfelt, Annalisa Tornfelt, Paul Seely, Lewi Longmire and Pete Bosack. MidLo doesn't have a release show planned, as Midlo told me when I asked about the cassette release:

The label dubbed them a bit fast... so my voice is higher than its supposed to be and the songs kick along at a pretty good clip. I think it's funny. Put a year of your artistic life into making a record and then the last step colors the whole thing. The downloads sound good. They're right.

No shows for me in 2013. Stepping back to soak in the marinade for a spell. Plus, everyone in the band is on tour with other bands (Sallie Ford, PCP, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, etc). Instead, I'm making music videos.

The first one is up above; there's another on Vimeo. It's a great tape/EP/album/whatever, and an atmospheric change of pace from Pancake Breakfast. Still, it sounds that Midlo is not done thwarting expectations. He adds:
The next MidLo record is a dance metal record. Yes sir you read right, a Dance Metal record (or at least that's my philosophy towards making it).