Just in time for the weekend, And And And and the We Shared Milk have released a new track that the two Portland bands collaborated on together. "Muscle Stuff" is a whopping seven minutes long, and yes, it is the sound of both bands playing side by side, moving through the epic's various sections with all the grace of a double-decker bus. Lumbering as it is, it's also a really great song, one of those perfect blends of both bands' sensibilities without compromising either (the only other similar example I can think of right now is Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure," which this sounds nothing like).

The song was written and recorded to commemorate the bands' joint tour, which kicks off next week on Wednesday, March 20 at Holocene, swings over to Boise's Treefort fest, then down to San Diego and back up again.

Here's the track, which is available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp:

And here's what the bands have to say for themselves:

Portland, Oregon buds The We Shared Milk & And And And have teamed up for a collaborative song, a west coast tour, and probably a bunch of fun disasters between Idaho and San Diego. We've been good boys so far though. We even set up a positive reinforcement system involving treats, compliments, and platonic congratulatory handshakes. But even good boys find themselves inebriated in their moldy basements from time to time. This time it was celebratory and productive: writing, arranging, rehearsing, and recording a song in support of our upcoming western world tour. The recording took place over a memorable, though notably spotty/hazy, weekend that happened in late February. Nine dudes, 48 hours, and countless treats. (Every time you're a good boy for at least 15 minutes, you get a treat.) The resulting song is tentatively titled “Muscle Stuff” and it is really long and has tons of guitar, keyboards, cello, harmonies, tandem drum-kits, and other muscular stuff. Jonathan Sallas of And And And engineered the recording/party and mixed the sonic mountain all in the aforementioned moldy, spider infested sub-terrain. Your mom might like parts of it. Your dad will like parts of it. He will definitely love one part (see if you can find it). They will generally disapprove of other parts. Hope you enjoy some of it.
Love from,
Berg, Bim, Boone, Eric, Henry, Jonathan, Nathan, Ryan, and Travis
Baby Zataran, Prickle Dick Ditson, Dogshit Howard, Tender-Fist Beatz, Henry "Mud" Potter, Sheeps Sallas, Cubb Baum, Crystal Swiggins, and Little Tickle Leipzig