Well, this is good timing: Ash Reiter, the San Francisco band that's returning to Portland on Wednesday (April 3) to play at Holocene with Wild Ones—they were just here on Monday to play the Treefort Fest afterparty at Bunk—have released a BOB SEGER COVER. Since we are all about all things Bob this week, it makes sense to post it for you here. Ash Reiter didn't try to knock off lesser Seger, either—they're going after The Big One.

Also, their publicist tells us, "Ash Reiter have just begun a collaboration with artist Danny Scheible, known for his tape sculptures called 'Tapigami.' Ash Reiter will be incorporating his art designs into their live performances, which you can get a preview of in the glasses and masks included in their photo above." I don't... I don't really know what to make of that, but Seger AND origami? It's like they have been reading my dream journal.

Also, while we're on the topic of Seger covers! (Mention Metallica and you are dead to me.)

Big thanks to Kiala for alerting me to this amazing performance by Tina Turner and a bunch of other people's hair, doing Seger's immortal "Hollywood Nights." Bask in this, and enjoy the start to your weekend.