So much music for Music Monday! Makes Taco Tuesday look like a puddle of puke!

I'm sorry, Taco Tuesday. I didn't mean it. Let's never fight again.

Radiation City
  • Shannon Wolf
  • Radiation City

First up is the unsurprisingly great new track from Radiation City. "Foreign Bodies" is the first single off the forthcoming Animals in the Median, due out May 21 on Tender Loving Empire, and it continues Rad City's trend of effortlessly pouring ingredients from the entire history of 20th century pop music into a shaker and serving them up in a zesty new cocktail. This summery track premiered on Rolling Stone last week, and you can also download it via Soundcloud.

LISTEN: Radiation City - "Foreign Bodies"
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The Thermals have another track for you to check out from the upcoming Desperate Ground album, due out on Saddle Creek on April 16. "The Sunset" sees the Portland trio in a slightly sunnier, sweeter mode than opening track "Born to Kill." They're still pumping at full volume, but this time there's a surprisingly lovely melody over the rumbling bass and drums, and the perfectly buffed, rounded major chords. It sounds sad and hopeful. You can also check out the lyric video and download the song via Soundcloud in exchange for an email address. The Thermals play Branx on April 20.

LISTEN: The Thermals - "The Sunset"

More music from Electric iLL, Sun Angle, Brainstorm, and Ghost Feet after the jump!

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Electric iLL is the project of Kaylee Rob, and if that name sounds unfamiliar, it's actually Kevin Robinson of Viva Voce, making spaceman-stoner-electro-motorik-funk. With co-singer Ragen Fykes, this is the sound of driving at night with sunglasses on, of coke-numb encounters with people of dubious character, of robots and flesh bumping and grinding on each other. Robinson recorded the Electric iLL EP earlier this year very quickly, and you can actually check out the whole thing in full on Soundcloud. Twisted Light comes out on Amore!Phonics on April 16.

LISTEN: Electric iLL - "Rock for You"
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Sun Angle have a new one as well, from the forthcoming, Danny Seim-produced full-length that's due out on May on New Moss Records. It's a frantic, echo-laden jump down a rabbit hole, with all the accompanying surrealness that implies. You'll have to jump over to Paste to check that one out; no embed available. Update! Embed available, and posted below.

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Here's the B-side to Brainstorm's new single "She Moves," which came out a few weeks ago on Tender Loving Empire. This B-side, "Black to Bright," turned up on Consequence of Sound last week, and shows the band in fine form, with cascading rainbows of guitar over rhythms that require you to move around.

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Ghost Feet
  • Ghost Feet

Lastly, here's a new track from Olympia/Portland electronic duo Ghost Feet, and it's a gorgeous one with billowing synths, sumptuous twinkles, and shivering chords. This new track, "Voka," will appear on the upcoming compilation from Portland label Dropping Gems: Gem Drops Three comes out on vinyl on April 16 and also includes tracks from DJAO, Citymouth, Philip Grass, M. Constant, and Wires for Salu. In the meantime, Ghost Feet have a full-length due out later this year on Dropping Gems.