We told you about the Mt. Tabor Theater celebrating its 100th anniversary by reopening under its original name, the Alhambra Theatre, and we also told you about the cool-sounding May Day Music Fest they've got in store to celebrate the grand reopening.

But the full festival lineup is now available, and it's excellent—well worth taking a goose at. Or a gander, I mean. (Curse you, confusing animal sexual terminology.)

Wednesday, May 1—Red Fang, Dog Shredder, Sons of Huns
Thursday, May 2—Hustle and Drone, Social Studies, Glassbones, Catherine Feeny, Sama Dams, Pheasant, Summer Cannibals, Jolliff & more
Friday, May 3—Black Prairie, Hook and Anchor, The Lower 48
Saturday, May 4—Y La Bamba, Old Light, Chris Pureka
Sunday, May 5—Sage Francis, Prolyphic, Device Grips
All shows are $15 in advance and $20 at the doors, except for Thursday May 2, which is free. There are also $50 five-day festival passes on sale now, too, which are being touted as half off the door price, although I can't quite get that math to work—I think you'd need to chuck a $20 at the door guy for the free Thursday show, and if that's the way you ride I would like to join your posse.

The Alhambra is being refurbished over the next few months to revert back to its original silent-movie glory days, when the theater was one of the city's cinema jewels. While the Mt. Tabor Theater, in recent years, has not had any long-lasting incarnations (the place memorably changed hands numerous times in the past decade), its reincarnation as the Alhambra seems like a great new chapter in the space's history. And all five of these May Day Music Fest shows sound great; here's hoping to see many more great bills on the Alhambra's calendar.

Again, five-day festival passes on sale here!