Will Johnson, frontman of Centro-matic and South San Gabriel, is playing two shows in Portland this week, only I can't tell you where they are. Johnson is in the midst of his Western States Living Room tour, which takes him to a variety of house shows throughout the Western United States. The tour kicked off in Tucson last week, and Johnson plays Eugene tomorrow night, followed by two Portland shows (in two different houses) on Wednesday, April 17 and Thursday, April 18. To buy tickets—and to find out where these shows are—check out the Undertow Tickets page (Facebook events here). Tickets are $15 and each show can only hold around 35-50 people. I'd wager that Johnson will perform a song or two from his 2009 collaborative album with the recently passed Jason Molina, and will probably share a story or two about the man. The chance to see Johnson perform in a club is not an opportunity to pass lightly; the chance to see him in a Portland living room is downright unmissable. Just don't spill any red wine on the carpet.

More info about these shows here. You can also hear Johnson's latest solo album, Scorpion, on Soundcloud. Also, after the jump is the video for Centro-matic's "Only in My Double Mind" from their last album Candidate Waltz, simply because that song is awesome.