(Roseland, 8 NW 6th) Bleep, bloop, bleepity. Crystal Castles beckons you to come dance your fool faces off with them. The Toronto band is touring on their 2012 album (III), so get lost in their butt-moving wash of synthy layers, which oscillate from dark and aggressive to warm soundscapes. Wear your party pants. COURTNEY FERGUSON

(Dig a Pony, 736 SE Grand) When they're not making darker-than-black instrumental music with Portland band Grails, Alex Hall and Emil Amos spin platters as Lilacs and Champagne. Tonight they take the tables at Dig a Pony, and lord knows what sort of uneasy alchemy they'll make. If their new album Danish and Blue, just released on Mexican Summer, is any indication, they'll dig up plenty of old weird samples, haunted exotica, navel-gazing prog, lounge-riffic swank, some dope beats, and unnerving spoken word, tying it all up with audio clips plucked from Scandinavian porn and '60s B movies. The result is startling, intoxicating sound, with hints of terror and beauty in equal measures. NED LANNAMANN