Over Caitlin Roses shoulder.
  • Melissa Madison Fuller
  • Over Caitlin Rose's shoulder.
Say cheese! It's another toothsome Mercury music section, filled with all kinds of aural chemical concoctions for your ears. Remember, it's meant for topical use only. This is some bad medicine, baby.
• • •
Caitlin Rose has a winning smile and an even winning-er album, filled with classic American pop.

LISTEN: Caitlin Rose - "Only a Clown"
• • •
Bleached's summery debut album is the kind of sugar-sweet punk-pop sure to give you serious cavities.

LISTEN: Bleached - "Dead in Your Head"
• • •
The Cave Singers added a member for Naomi, the cool new album that will elicit a grin from those pearly whites of yours.

LISTEN: The Cave Singers - "Easy Way"
• • •
The thunderously biting heavy metal of Kvelertak chomps down on you like a vicious set of fangs.

LISTEN: Kvelertak - "Bruane Brenn"
• • •
The Mt. Tabor Theater is no more—please welcome the Alhambra, because I've run out of teeth gags.
• • •
Plus more than a mouthful of Up & Coming shows.