Before My Body, core members Jordan Bagnall and Darren Bridenbeck lent their talents to a myriad of Portland bands including Typhoon, Forty Hundy Thundy, Breakfast Mountain, and What Can Skulls Tell Us. From the basis of Jordan's own electronic-leaning demos, they eventually came together under the moniker of My Body, debuting as a four-piece band with Alex Fitch on drums and Dan Hubner on bass. However, soon greener pastures in the form of brick buildings and brownstones came-a-calling and the band—fresh off of forming—headed east to New York.

Still very much a Portland band in terms of roots and output, Jordan and Darren are just beginning to establish themselves in the Big Apple. Since many Brooklynites come to Portland (see: Pure Bathing Culture) we thought it'd be fun to investigate the opposite angle and check in with a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Portland band. In order to do so, we invested in a bundle of balloons, inhaled some helium and got to work.

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