1. Do you like music?
2. Do you like writing?
3. Do you like writing about music?
4. Do you harbor aspirations to take down the Mercury's music section from the inside?

If the answer to questions 1 through 3 is "sure," we are looking for a new music freelancer and would like to hear from you. Any and all genres are fair game, although if you have a niche that would be good to know.

The details:
• You know just about everything when it comes to local music. You know your Pinkzilla from your Pink Martini. You read the Mercury's music section and the End Hits blog once in a while.
• Previous published experience is nice, but not essential by any means. The ability to write well and meet deadlines is essential.
• We will pay you. Not much.

If you are still interested, drop us a line by submitting a short, Up and Coming-style preview (like these!) of a local act that interests you. If you have a particular genre you want to write about, please mention that along with any previous experience. Now, back to your usual Soundcloud and YouTube embeds.