[Editor's note: The Mercury attended a couple days of Sasquatch! along with our pals at Seattle's The Stranger, who just KILLED IT with their complete coverage over the weekend. Here's our outright thievery of The Stranger's excellent reporting; the links below will take you to their fine music blog, Line Out.]

The Stranger's Sasquatch Team of Excellence Oh Thirteen is pleased to announce: WE WENT TO SASQUATCH SO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO!

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- The road to Sasquatch is littered with fine reading materials and confusing/enticing car paint.
- It's windy, but the first three minutes of (S)asquatch look great!
- What rhymes with shmacklemore?
- Friday Digest: Telekinesis, Macklemore, and fancy-boy jingle rock... WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?
- Derek Erdman experiences the strewn bindles and cosmik debris of Rose Windows, Anna Minard sees RA Scion at the unpronounceable stage, Bree McKenna considers sexy hoods at Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
- Anna Minard on Akron/Family's improper name slash and otherwise satisfactory music.
- Josh Bis takes proper proper photos and marries them with proper words!
- Look at this Michelle Obama jacket!
- Derek Erdman befuddles teens, feels he can now retire. But not before he gets to the bottom of Sasquatch's foodies.
- Important port-a-potty update and Barfsquatch!

Tilson XOXO
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  • Tilson XOXO

- Anna Minard ponders Andrew Bird's whistling abilities while I swoon over Tilson XOXO's matching outfits.
- Something happened and Tame Impala had to postpone their set and move stages. Cannibalism almost ensues.
- Sean Nelson's festival bra and Tallest Man on Earth makes girls cry.
- A taste of Pop Chips, bad interview questions, and some band no one cares about.
- Josh Bis does it again: Saturday photos of Devendra Banhart, Nick Offerman, the xx, Sigur Rós, and more!
- A row-boat has to fix the sign every time it blows over.
- Nick Offerman takes a pro-cornbread stance on technology.

The #1 thing at Sasquatch!
  • 6-D
  • The #1 thing at Sasquatch!

- Sometimes there are festival pictures you just can't bring yourself to take.
- Speaking of questionable fest photography: put a boob on it.
- Bree wants to know what's up with early crowds and summer sausage fests.
- Josh Bis caught Earl Sweatshirt, Killer Mike, Ronald Reagan, and more!
- Kelly O got down with Danny Brown!
- The Sunday digest: Elvis Costello, Kingdom Crumbs, Grimes, and a cute dog in someone's car > Mumford & Sons.
- This year, RAP RULED and indie rock drooled!
- Primus 3-D is the #1 thing at Sasquatch 2013!!!


- Azealia Banks, who makes up 50% of the women allowed to play Sasquatch, has cancelled.
- In the press hut: this hot pretzel decoy had our hopes up all weekend, and no one has any real paper.
- Sin Dawg's are definitely available in Ephrata, WA.
- Sasquatch gets soggy, Tig Notaro makes Anna fall over, and Mike Birbiglia notices that Edward Sharpe fans look exactly like Edward Sharpe.
- Josh Bis is a true American hero who stayed for the Postal Service, even thought it wouldn't stop raining!