• Hausu

Another week, another Mercury music section to wash away the pain after you watch the newly minted "worst video of all time." (Sidenote: Falling in Reverse shall be at the Vans Warped tour, coming to the Portland Expo Center parking lot on Sunday, June 16. Bring your dad! Because it's Father's Day.)

Hausu's debut album comes out on Hardly Art later this month. With two guitars, one bass, and some drums and cymbals, the four Reed students have made something outstanding. They play tonight! So cancel that knitting circle.

LISTEN: Hausu - "Chrysanthemum"

"I grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington," says Dane Herrin of local filth-rockers Drunk Dad. "Sometimes you had to touch shit, but shit washes off." You will hear no truer words today.

LISTEN: Drunk Dad - "Scum Fee"

Music from New Zealand makes all music writers foam at the mouth in delight. Fortunately, these Bats won't give you rabies.

LISTEN: The Bats - "Free All the Monsters"

Mikal Cronin is a one-man army of delicious noisy pop. Fortunately, he also plays well with others.

LISTEN: Mikal Cronin - "Shout It Out"

And a stacked deck of Up & Coming shows.