Natasha Kmeto
Another week, another Mercury music section that doesn't contain a single mention of Yeezus. (Speaking of, Emily Yoshida, Tess Lynch, and Molly Lambert from the Grantland podcast are totally right—Kanye is basically Kenny Powers now.)

Natasha Kmeto makes music like no one else—it's part electronic, part R&B, part classic pop, part dance, with all the disparate ingredients adding up to a very cohesive, unique whole.

LISTEN: Natasha Kmeto - "Take Out"

Maybe it's the gray skies, or the strong beer, or the men fearlessly garbed in kilts. Whatever the reason, Scots and Portlanders seem to be simpatico in many ways—like Camera Obscura, who came from Glasgow to record their new album here.

LISTEN: Camera Obscura - "Fifth in Line to the Throne"

Once they were the Ascetic Junkies. Now they are There Is No Mountain. The stripped down duo has a new name and a new, playful sound.

LISTEN: There Is No Mountain - "Owl Hymn"

ZamZam Sounds proves that dub music is alive and well, and thriving in Portland, Oregon, of all places.
LISTEN: ZamZam Sounds on Soundcloud

Plus a fistful of Up & Coming shows.