Yes, yes, Macklemore is coming, but here's much bigger and better news:

Goblin—yes, THE Goblin, the Italian progressive rock band that soundtracked all those great horror films like Dario Argento's Suspiria, George Romero's Dawn of the Dead and more—is playing their first Portland show in over four decades of existence. They play the Hawthorne Theatre on Saturday, October 19 as part of a national tour. This post on the Progressive Ears forum has more information about the tour, including the current lineup of the band and what they'll be playing. They have a new EP of newly recorded versions of older songs that they'll be hawking on this tour as well, and HOLY SHIT GOBLIN IS PLAYING YOU GUYS.

Secret Chiefs 3 will open (show info here) and tickets are not yet on sale, but the presale date starts this Wednesday, June 26, and the public on-sale is this Friday, June 28.

Looks like Halloween's coming a couple weeks early this year.

h/t to our pals over at Line Out.