The good news just keeps on coming this morning. Sons of Huns—the powerfulest of Portland power trios, those masters of the riff, those keepers of the flame of all that is Sabbathy—have announced their first full-length album, Banishment Ritual is coming out later this year. The band has just signed to LA-based label Easy Rider Records, which means that you'll soon have a Hunny platter of your very own to have and to hold. Banishment Ritual is due in early fall, and will be released as a 2-LP colored vinyl set and on cassette as well.

I was able to sneak an early listen to the album and it ROCKS. This is great news for the Huns, who have been making tremendously awesome heavy rock for a few years now and have just been getting better and better—and even greater news for the rest of the world, who now have better chance to batter their eardrums with this band. Sons of Huns have been demolishing Portland crowds on the regular for some time now—they deserve an enormous audience.

Listen to "Horror in Clay," a sneak peak from Banishment Ritual, and start getting stoked.