I've had plenty of room to state my case for Then Play On and the Peter Green-era version of Fleetwood Mac. But quick, let me just add one more thing before we bury the topic forever. (The later-model version of Fleetwood Mac play the Rose Garden on Sunday night—Peter Green, of course, won't be there.)

Listen to this song called "Man of the World," which was released as the follow-up single to "Albatross" in 1969. It's a slow, sad, dreamy Peter Green tune and good god it is gorgeous. Outside of compilation albums, "Man of the World" was never released on a proper album; I think the only version that you can legitimately buy right now is an alternate take, not the original single.

But man, this is a stunner, a broken-hearted love song that turns the British blues Fleetwood Mac was raised on into something far more personal. I also kind of hear it as an elegy to the '60s and the free-love era; a year later, Green took some bad LSD and quit the band, which went on to become one of the biggest in the world.

(Also: Vote for the second best Fleetwood Mac album before it's too late!)