It's going to be another hot shitty day, everybody you know is already trying to boss you around, you just had to pay too much for rent, and you have absolutely nothing to look forward to in life. Oh wait! Except the new Coen Brothers movie! THANK CHRIST FOR THE COEN BROTHERS.

Well, that looks predictably awesome. If you want more, the Film Stage has a rundown of the soundtrack, complete with audio:

Set for a release by Nonesuch Records in September, the score features fourteen tracks, four of which are new recordings (i.e. mostly covers) for the film. Also including songs from Dave Van Ronk, there’s a previously unreleased track from Bob Dylan, recorded during his sessions creating The Times They Are A-Changin’ and much more. With a bulk coming from Collider, we’ve rounded up different versions of all the tracks, some including live takes from producer Marcus Mumford, as well as original songs that will covered.