There are some cool shows happening this week, some of which are sort of secret and some which aren't really that secret. Here's the lowdown:

Blouse is playing at Valentine's. The Portland dream-poppers have recently wrapped their second album, Imperium, which comes out September 12. They haven't played a local show in many moons* but tonight they'll be playing some new songs, along with old ones, at Valentine's. Cover is $5, and Blouse plays at 10:30 pm. DJs Jalalipop and RaSean will also spin some records.
* a vague descriptor indicating that I actually don't know how long it's been

Country shitkickers Denver are playing a show which also doubles as a video shoot for Paste Magazine at the Aloft Hotel, out by the airport. That sounds like a very strange venue, perhaps, but the Aloft regularly has music at their W XYZ Bar. This is a free show, but Paste has an RSVP set up on their site, so you might want to go fill it out to make sure you can get in. (Bonus! The RSVP vaguely states, "Come early for drinks with Paste!" which may or may not mean free booze?)

New York guitarist Marnie Stern has been hanging out a little in Portland this week; she's gonna duck down the West Coast to play the Phono del Sol festival in San Francisco on Saturday. Before she does that, though, she's playing an all-ages show at the Record Room on Friday at 5 pm. Cover is $3 and you can expect some serious shredding. Facebook event here.

Not a secret show at all, but this hot tip just turned up in the Mercury mailbag: "It is better to have bands like Radiation City who have dance and samba sounds replacing the old tired lo-fi American indie sound and its pathetic arms folded fans—yet how come you don't review bands like Ron Ruedi and the Hurricanes? They are playing at Lydia's Restaurant and Lounge every Saturday night, 183rd and Glisan. These are the true sounds of liberty." You heard the guy.