[UPDATE: This contest is closed and the winners have been notified.]

There is a lot going on next weekend (July 19-21) and one of those things is the 8 Track Relay, a 24-hour festival/race with lots of bands playing from noon on Saturday July 20 until the following day, Sunday July 21. Hate sleep? Love music and running? 8 Track is the fest for you, and they've got a great music lineup:

Helvetia, Lost Lander, Lemolo, AgesandAges, Quasi, The Cave Singers, Talkdemonic, Menomena, MC Sam Adams, Nurses, Lovers, DJ Beyonda, Magic Fades, Bubblin DJs (Lincolnup and Ben Tactic), Morning Ritual, Michael Hurley, Denver, Federale, The Builders & the Butchers, Wild Ones, Lake, Theesatisfaction, Blitzen Trapper.
We're giving away FIVE pairs of tickets to the music festival portion of 8 Track Relay. That's right, five lucky winners will get a pair of tickets to check out all the bands and hang out on the Portland International Raceway as the runners do their thing. (These tickets do not allow you to participate in the race itself.) These are hard tickets, and you'll need to come to the Portland Mercury office downtown sometime next week during business hours to pick them up—provided, of course, the office doesn't go up in a puff of fragrant smoke before then—so if you're not able to do that, please restrain yourself from entering.

Okay! If you'd like to enter, fire off an email to this address with "Send me to 8 Track Relay!" in the subject line. Please include your first and last name in the email. We'll select five winners at random and invite them to the smoldering ruins of our office to pick up their tickets. This contest will close on Tuesday, July 16 at noon. Good luck!