Great local band the Doubleclicks has a new video out that takes on sexism and elitism in geek communities, compiling submissions from self-proclaimed geek girls and prominent nerds like Wil Wheaton, Marian Call, Paul and Storm, and John Scalzi. And it's *delightful,* empowering and tough and quite funny. I laughed out loud at local comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick's "Who died and made you Batman?" bit. (DeConnick is a great writer who happens to be married to Matt Fraction, one of the biggest names in the industry—she's written eloquently and angrily about what it's like to repeatedly face the assumption that she has her husband to thank for her career.)

There's also a Tumblr collecting even more submissions that they couldn't fit on the video.

The Doubleclicks are performing this weekend at the Secret Society with a couple of other great ladies, comedians Barbara Holm (Joss Whedon-approved!) and Bri Pruett, and musician Sarah Donner. Tickets and show info here.