(The Waypost, 3120 N Williams) Since migrating to Portland from Brooklyn in 2012 with his Grand Lake Islands moniker in tow, Erik Emanuelson has trudged to intimate shows in unlikely venues with little more than a quiver of expansive folk compositions and a guitar. Considering he ditched a full-time job as an English teacher to hawk his wares out west, it's understandable he'd want to hit the ground running. Smartly, he brought a finished recording along with him, and after almost a year, Emanuelson's recruited a regular band, featuring members of Harlowe and the Great North Woods. The pressing of the EP, Wake of Waking, was just successfully crowd-source funded; its understated instrumentation of piano, lap steel, mandolin, and lots of choir-like melodies is buoyed by Emanuelson's quavering vocals and lyrical phrasing. RYAN J. PRADO