While it seems Wisconsin's Phox have taken their moniker from Phish's Helping Friendly Guidebook to Dipshit Band Names, that's their only misstep. There's a bounty of incredible music on Phox's Bandcamp page, including the most recent EP, Confetti, which I'll embed below. Start with the opening track, "Slow Motion," then let the next track "Blue and White" slowly wash over you, and so on. At times skyscraping post-rock, at times heart-in-mouth joy-pop, and at times delicately gilded folk, Phox is all over the map stylistically, but their music remains clear-eyed, compelling, full of peace and grace. Guided by Monica Martin's incredible voice, this is stunning stuff.

Phox plays tonight at Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi) in the middle slot of a bill that also includes Portland's Steelhead—the current band of Celilo's Sloan Martin—and Donovan Breakwater.