PALS Fest kicks off tomorrow, a fun and informal celebration put together by Chris White, who has been booking for the Firkin Tavern and the PALS Clubhouse house venue in SE Portland. He's drawing a close to his booking days for the time being—shall we say, closing the book?? eh? eh?—and put together a whole week of music from 25 bands he loves. It's almost totally free, except for a couple shows next week, and the whole thing is capped by Saturday afternoon's PALS Street Fair, which is like a lot of other Portland street fairs except with better music. Check out the full lineup, which starts tomorrow evening and is 100 percent awesome.
Friday, Aug 16—Firkin Tavern (9 pm, FREE)
Hustle And Drone, Souvenir Driver

Saturday, Aug 17—PALS Street Fair at SE 8th & Caruthers (2-10 pm, FREE, all ages, 21+ BYOB)
Fanno Creek, A Happy Death, Bubble Cats, Tiger House, Pony Village, Talkative, De La Warr, Just Lions, L'anarachiste

Sunday, Aug 18—Firkin Tavern (9 pm, FREE)
Bevelers, Eye Level Eye

Monday, Aug 19—The Know (9 pm, $5)
Sun Angle, Bad Weather California, Sauna

Tuesday, Aug 20—Bunk Bar (9 pm, $3)
Tango Alpha Tango, Eidolons, Sama Dams

Wednesday, Aug 21—The Blue Monk (9 pm, FREE)
Old Age, Cambrian Explosion, Noble Firs

Thursday, Aug 22—Kelly's Olympian (9 pm, FREE)
Animal Eyes, Alameda, The Underscore Orkestra