Joe Wickstrom is the bass player for Atriarch and founder of Nether Regions, and has also played with SubArachnoid Space, Anzio Bridgehead, and Divine Rite—in other words, he's a towering figure on the Portland metal scene. In 2011, he was diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), an ailment in which plaque builds up in the arteries and inhibits blood flow. A fundraising site was set up yesterday to help Wickstrom with his significant medical expenses, which are daunting even with insurance. Their initial goal of raising $6,666 was speedily met within 24 hours, but the need for aid is still pretty significant. Subsequently, they've upped the goal to $16,666, all of which is still much needed to help out Wickstrom.

Take a look at the fundraising site for more details on Wickstrom's illness and expenses—they are huge, so the raising of the fundraiser's goal should not be dismissed—and what can be done to help. In the meantime, check out this track from Atriarch's 2012 album Ritual of Passing.