Have you heard about the Kaleidoscope Music Festival? It's happening this weekend (August 23-25) in Eugene, Oregon, and has an impressively diverse bill of electronic, hiphop, and rock bands. In fact, it's so diverse that I haven't heard of a lot of the acts playing it, but the headliners include Bassnectar, Nas, and Empire of the Sun. I could take or leave the first two, but I saw Empire of the Sun at Sasquatch and it was pretty nuts.

Empire of the Sun is the new project from the Sleepy Jackson's Luke Steele, and if this over-the-top album cover gave you trouble, Empire of the Sun is going to give you plenty more. The music's nothing special—electronic-tinged danceable lite-rock—but the stage show is an absolute spectacle, with dancers, costumes, and general weirdness abounding. Here's some footage shot at Bonnaroo this year:

So that'll be happening down in Eugene, and it's probably worth checking out since Empire of the Sun don't have any Portland shows scheduled right now. This Kaleidoscope thing is kind of weird, though, a potentially huge music festival that seemed to come out of nowhere. One of the organizers tells me "this is arguably the largest musical event in the history of Oregon," which I don't really buy, but take that for what it's worth.

And this, too: This week they slashed ticket prices in half. I doubt that says anything good about the health of the festival, but the result is a pretty sweet deal. A one day pass is $35.99 and three days are $89.95. There are also VIP passes available. Kaleidoscope's site has the full lineup and all the info. If you haven't had enough of outdoor summer music festivals, you know where to turn.