Molly Malone, it's Music Monday!

The Parson Red Heads' new album Orb Weaver comes out October 1 on Fiesta Red Records, and here's the lead single, "To the Sky." It's nearly six minutes long, featuring a plethora of vocal harmonies and guitar interplay—its second half is an arc-welding instrumental jam that sheds sparks every step of the way, a worthy representation of the Red Heads' excellent live show. The band is playing a record release show at the Aladdin Theater on Saturday, November 2, and they're also performing at the White Eagle on September 26 to perform their last album, Yearling, in full.

We'll hop into the Way-Back Machine for this next tune, a track from the Neo Boys that appears on Sooner or Later, an upcoming compilation of the seminal Portland band's recorded works. It'll be on double LP via Mississippi Records on October 15, and K Records will issue a double-disc CD of the anthology as well. The all-girl group flourished from 1978 to 1983, leaving behind a slender but hugely influential legacy, one of Portland's most important punk bands.