We told you a little bit about Sons of Huns' upcoming debut album, and now there's more news to share: Banishment Ritual comes out on EasyRider Records on November 19 on double vinyl, with digital copies available on Sons of Huns' Bandcamp page. Pre-ordering starts November 5. Let's listen to rip-roarin' preview track "Horror in Clay" again, shall we?

That up there is the badass cover from Portland artist Adam Burke, who also did the art for SOH's "Leaving Your Body" 7-inch. With the announcement of the record release comes a little bit of bad news: Sons of Huns bassist Shoki Tanabe is leaving the band to teach English in Japan, a lifelong dream of his. On the road, he'll be replaced by Aaron Powell of Spokane band Belt of Vapor.

Sons of Huns will play a record release show on Saturday, November 23 at Dante's with Gaytheist, Monogamy Party, and Vultures in the Sky. It will be heavy. It will be awesome.

  • Will Bragg